March 2021 Financial Update

March update got a bit delayed, posting our two-year update and traveling got in the way. If you have not seen our two-year financial freedom update, you can click here.  It has been a good two years.  

Overall, March was a mundane month. Not much happening out of the ordinary, taking parents to appointments, triathlon training, and putting in some time on our side gigs. Oh, yeah, and the dissertation research that takes up hours each day.  Mr. Sunshine is working to get his race car ready to go do some drag racing. This means working some side jobs to pay some of the expenses. Drag racing is an expensive hobby. He balances budget and speed very well.  

Our truck is put back together and ready for our trip to Glacier National Park later this year (except tires). I am still not sure they are going to open the Canadian border for us to visit Banff National Park.  We are rearranging our schedule to attempt a visit to Zion and Grand Canyon National Parks in a few weeks. My Dad needs cataract surgery (both eyes) and scheduling is making this rearrangement more difficult than usual. 

Big expenses this month include: $850 for auto insurance, $820 in state income taxes, $893 for license plates/registrations, and $823 for Winter camping reservations. 

Our food expenses were highest of the year at $650 but this included a birthday dinner out for our son and his family.  

I have continued my shopping ban. No shopping in the past 3 months – Yay me!  Basically, no shopping but also includes no pedicures, no manicures, and no hair stylist. Permissible shopping includes groceries and gifts for others, plus those items that we use up or that break and are beyond repair. 

Income this month included $450 IRS tax refund, $2800 stimulus, and $800 dividends (reinvested). No side gig income this month.

Here is our budget update for March:

Fuel Vehicle$200$187$2400$413
Garbage Pickup$276$6
Vehicle Repair$225$3000$1261
Health Insurance$1$12$3
Vehicle Insurance $850$2800$850
Vehicle Plates $893$900$893
Taxes $820$3000$820

*Note Cellular plan and Internet are paid by my side gig. 

Overall, our net worth is increased by $13,047. 

Change in net worth:

Year to date: +$19,059

February 2021:  +$13,047

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